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I have been sensing spirit, for as long as I can remember. It came to a point when I thought I was going mad and I needed answers. I got the answers to my questions when I first went to Slough Spiritualist Church in 1978. I was impressed with the friendliness of the people at church and the warm welcome I received. After the service, I was approached by the resident medium, who had been working at the church for 40 years. She gave me a very accurate and evidential message. She also told me I could be a medium and healer, if I developed my gifts. I started training as a healer in their healing sanctuary, and within 3 months I was sitting in a development circle. This is where I had my first experience of trance with my Zulu guide Zangu coming through. Although my mediumship and healing was going from strength to strength, I was still way too open to spirit, as I was not taught how to close to spirit. This led to many weird and wonderful, and at times frightening experiences. By this time I was sitting in the church development circle, Then in late 1979, I was fortunate enough to meet the trance medium Berenice Watts. After some discussion she invited me into her development circle. She taught me how to open and close to spirit properly, how to control Zangu, who up until that time was coming through when he liked. It was a general development circle, so we covered different types of mediumship, such as Psychometry, Sand Reading, Crystal Ball, Tarot, I Ching. And through her and spirits teaching I became a medium and healer. Unfortunately the circle closed after 9 months as Berenice and her family moved to Crawley West Sussex. For the next 2 years attended church, with my guides constantly nagging me to do platform work in Spiritualist Churches. In the end I gave in, and looked up to the sky and said "OK, I WILL GIVE IT A GO! IF WE FALL FLAT ON OUR FACES, I KNOW I AM IMAGINING THIS." I wrote around to local churches to see if they would book me. On 6/1/1983 I did my first service at Slough Spiritualist Church. This led to me doing around 100 bookings a year with church services in the home counties and in Wales, and teaching in a church development circle, and doing workshops. I have now come to the point in my life where I would like to work for spirit on a full time basis, and connect spirit with loved ones through online and phone readings, private sittings, and teach spiritual development, and bring comfort through spiritual healing. So please feel free to enquire if you would like to book me.rnrnrnrnSpirit are all around us, loved ones watching over our lives. Comforting and helping us, in times of sadness, and confusion.rnrnrnSpirit Guides who seek, to guide us on lifes pathway.rnrnAnd of course Angels, who come to guide and uplift. With the divine power of, unconditional love.rnrn