Largs and Millport Weekly News

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Herald Building
Dock Road
North Ayrshire
KA22 8BX

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The Largs & Millport Weekly News is now in its 135th year and embedded in the digital age with successful website, twitter and facebook editions.

Known affectionately as 'The Wee Paper' for the past century the News, remarkably, has had only five editors with the current imcumbent, Drew Cochrane, the longest serving UK editor after 37 years.

It owes its existence to the founder Robert Simpson who, in 1877, as a prominent member of Largs' civic life, published the first edition on April 7th at the cost of an old halfpenny (a fifth of the value of a present penny). The first papers were delivered by velocipede - a bicycle with a big, lofty wheel on the front and a much smaller one behind. Fortunately, people bought the paper and the Simpson family replaced the old bike with a pony and trap...before the train came to town.

The mission statement was as follows: "We will make it our aim at all times to report the proceedings of every kind without bias, and never to become the handle of any clique" It is fair to say that this principle is maintained today.

Most of the time the news is not earth-shattering, mostly down to earth but that is the way people would want it in a small, friendly, pleasant community like Largs which, for decades, has been a very popular Clyde coast holiday location and daytripper choice due to its grandeur and breezy environment.

Like any other area it has had its share of tragedies and crime and people still talk of the day the Glasgow train came to a halt in Largs Main Street in July, 1995 and, in 2011, the world's media beat a path to the town when Largs couple Colin and Chris Weir won the record-breaking £161 million Euro Lottery.

As editor Drew Cochrane says: "The Largs & Millport Weekly News has been hyper-local before the phrase became trendy."