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Unit 2, block A, North Elgin Place,
West Dunbartonshire
G81 1LU

It's in... Dog Clipping & Grooming

PAMPER your pooch with professional dog grooming company Hollywoof.

Run by dog owner Heather Cunningham, Hollywoof was launched in Clydebank in 2010 to provide an A-list experience at affordable prices.

Heather was trained at the prestigious Scotgroom Centre of Excellence, and treats every dog like they're a star.

Dog grooming not only keeps your dog healthy, by eliminating germs that they pick up outside, but it also allows your dog to feel comfortable by getting rid of any dead hair and irritants, such as insects, on their skin.

Regular care of their nails and ears can also prevent serious health issues later on.

A wide variety of services are on offer at Hollywoof including bath and shampoo, ear hair removal, ear cleaning, hand stripping, powder and scent, nail trimming and clip and style.

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